A Beginning of Sorts

So, here we go, a beginning of sorts, but in many ways a middle, an aside, a continuation. Perhaps this project will fully, and finally, kick off with this post today, but it has been trying to find its legs for quite some time now.

To be clear, this “project” is simply me writing about my life, my thoughts, my observations, my frustrations, my triumphs, and perhaps an occasional tribute to my breakfast (possibly also snacks). Life, even in its most mundane details (snacks), is worth thinking about, and for me? Thinking is writing.

I won’t do the thing where I try to introduce myself in witty quips like “my favorite day is Thursday” or “likes wine, loves tequila” (even if these things ARE true). Instead, I’ll let my future writing speak for all tenses of me, except maybe future perfect me; I suppose this post encapsulates the things I will have done, but feel free to circle back later and let me know whether or not this holds up.

At any rate, if you’ve found your way here thanks for reading and I hope to see you again very soon.

Your (mostly) reliable narrator and tour guide,


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