Date Archives February 2018


It took me awhile to find my way to Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca. Mentions of the book kept following me around my digital space, popping up in must-read lists, referenced loosely in discussions tied to my absolute favorite Jane Eyre. It sounded intriguing in its Gothic ways, but was also on the fringe of my literary knowledge. I couldn’t place du Maurier in any historical context, though…

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The Music Shop

Yesterday I finished Rachel Joyce’s latest novel, The Music Shop, which in perfect Rachel Joyce fashion was a very intimate visit with its inhabitants. But as I was sitting here struggling to come up with something to say about its plot, I realized that the book was simply an experience, much like the music it employs to help tell its tale. Frank, music shop owner and…

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When Life Meets Death

Yesterday I attended the funeral of my 97 year old grandmother-in-law, who peacefully passed away last weekend. Even though she had a longstanding heart condition, she essentially stopped breathing in her sleep. She did not endure years, or even months, of suffering. She was sharp and spry for all of her 97 years. She remembered everything you told her, even if it was something you…

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